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Peco Poncho - The home of biodegradable and compostable rainwear
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Our Story





At a London music festival in 2012 whilst doing the two-step, PecoPoncho founder Lettija Lee got soaked to the skin in the rain. But there was no rain forecast for that day and it was practically a heat wave when she left home! It was impossible to find a disposable rain poncho when she needed it. It seemed a bit odd that in a country renowned around the world for its unpredictable rain that there was no household name of disposable rain ponchos. The idea for PecoPoncho was born!




We are like you. You lap up every inch of lovely sunshine that we get! But let’s face it, we have more wet weather than sunny. It’s frustrating when you plan your day and the weather turns bad without warning. It’s impossible to prepare for all this unexpected rain. That’s why we worked hard to create the perfect solution for those days when you’re caught in the rain and need a quick solution to keeping dry. At PecoPoncho we pride ourselves on providing reliable products which are sustainable, affordable and can be used again. Plus they are pretty cool to wear. Don’t let the rain spoil your plans. Beat the rain and pack a PecoPoncho!