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Peco Poncho - The home of biodegradable and compostable rainwear
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About Us

About Us


Peco Poncho is an exclusive brand of biodegradable and compostable rain ponchos. We supply these rain ponchos for custom printing as well.

At Peco Poncho we passionately believe in social change, sustainability and innovation. We are aware of the global problem of plastic waste and we wanted to make it easier for people and companies to do a bit of good for the planet.

At a London music festival in 2012 it rained like hell when it was supposed to be a sunny summers day. After seeing lots of plastic ponchos strewn around Hyde Park knowing that they were used only for a few hours and could spend hundreds of years in a waste dump, we had a light bulb moment. We wanted to do better. We wanted a product that would not end up in landfill or even worse, our oceans and seas. The idea for Peco Poncho was born.

Enough about us – more about you. Whether you are buying one Peco Poncho for yourself to head out to a sports game or fifty thousand custom printed ponchos to supply an outdoor event, let us help you play a part in making a difference.